The Summer of Love: How Hippies Changed the World

The Summer of Love: How Hippies Changed the World

Director: Mike Connolly and Simon Chu
Series Producer: Mike Connolly
Broadcaster: BBC 4
Production Company: Erica Starling Productions, State of Grace Films

A two-part documentary series recounting the 1967 coming-together that would change the world. The first film traces the roots of the hippies to a 19th-century German sect of wandering naturalists that brought its freethinking ideas to California after the Second World War. There it merged with people expressing an interest in Eastern mystical concepts of human nature expounded by thinkers like Aleister Crowley and Aldous Huxley. Added to the mix was the CIA-developed drug LSD and a wave of student activists and anti-war protestors. The outcome was San Francisco’s Summer of Love. The second of two programmes explores how the 1967 Summer of Love set in motion an era of social upheaval that pitted America’s youth against its elders, and how the US government responded with a series of brutal crackdowns. The hippies failed politically, but their cultural influence touched on later movements in environment and health, and led to the birth of feminism. Most surprising of all, hippie ideas first imagined on LSD went on to shape the information age itself.

Roundtable Services: Ingest from Canon C300 MK2 to DNxHD 36, Avid offline, conform, Nucoda grade, Alchemist frame rate conversion, Avid Pro Tools Mix, Voice Over record, Avid Online with Mocha and Boris tools, Interra Baton Auto QC including PSE, BBC AS-11 DPP Delivery
Grade: Claire Winter
Audio Mix: Dan Weinberg
Online Edit: Andres del Caño
Conform: Emma Corbett
Edit Support: Sergei Dimlić, Izzy Akiwumi


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June 8, 2017