Secrets of The SAS: In Their Own Words

Secrets of The SAS: In Their Own Words

Roundtable Films is proud to have completed full post production on Red Planet Picture’s 4-part series ‘Secrets of The SAS: In Their Own Words‘ for Channel5 in the UK as well as producing international deliverables.

The series was all shot in 4K for a HD delivery, yet despite the end deliverable everything was conformed back to the original 4K camera rushes as a part of an Avid roundtrip workflow with the Nucoda grading system that maintained all Avid effects and edits, with handles, for the Avid Symphony Nitris DX online edit. This gave the creatives full flexibility in the online session to adjust any resizes, effects or edits all the way through to delivery.

The full series was graded in an ACES colour pipeline in the latest version of Nucoda colour grading software. “Working in ACEScc enabled me to realise the production’s intended look faster as the shot footage was in a scene-referred state so it looked as the production had intended when lighting and shooting the scenes” explained Roundtable Films’ Supervising Digital Colourist Jack Jones. “The series had a large amount of archive, in a variety of framerates and formats. Having proper, approved framerate conversion tools, film and video restoration tools and upscaling tools in the grade was a luxury. Nucoda really is the only system I’ve used where I’m able to have this level of creative control over archive material.”
The series was mixed on the latest Avid ProTools 12.5 in Roundtable Films’ new mixing studio with voice over being recorded in the new large voice over booth with direct line of sight for the director and artist.

The delivery was standard UK broadcast DPP AS-11 files and was QC’d internally using Interra Systems’ Baton auto-quality control solution which includes PSE testing for photosensitive epilepsy – a requirement for UK broadcast. After delivery, via Roundtable Films’ dedicated fibre service, both the UK broadcast masters and the international reversions were then backed up to the in-house LTO library system.


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September 12, 2016