Director: Clare Beavan
Editor: Paul Van Dyck
Broadcaster: BBC
Production Company: Big Wheel Film and TV
What is it like being Germaine Greer? This observational documentary spends time with her and finds out.

Fearless, original and utterly charismatic, the 31-year-old Germaine Greer burst in to the national consciousness in 1970 with her game-changing bestseller The Female Eunuch. What did it feel like to be at the eye of the storm? What did the events at the time mean to the people caught up in them? Germaine takes us back to those giddy days and reflects with honesty, candour and caustic wit about what it was about then and how it all feels now. A rich seam of archive, including previously unseen footage, and an explosive soundtrack immerses us in those revolutionary times.

Is The Female Eunuch still relevant? Are women and girls today any less slavish when it comes to male approval? And what does Germaine think of Me Too? Germaine Greer: funny, clever, contrary, sensitive and caustic – there is simply no one like her. This film gets to know her.

Roundtable Services:
Avid Offline, Conform, Nucoda grade, Alchemist frame rate conversion of archive, Archive restoration using Digital Vision Optics, Avid Online with Mocha and Boris tools, Stereo ProTools Mix, Interra Baton Auto QC including PSE, BBC AS-11 DPP Delivery

Grade: Claire Winter
Online Edit: Andres del Caño
Conform: Emma Corbett
Offline Edit Support: Sergei Dimlic and Andrew Harris