At Roundtable Films we utilise Colorfront Transkoder for Digital Cinema Mastering allowing us to create, analyse, monitor and deliver fully validated Digital Cinema Packages.

These DCP’s can be produced in 2K or 4K, on standard or high-framerates, 2D or 3D, support for embedded subtitle and closed caption files as well as stereo, surround and Dolby Atmos© audio. We have also recently started delivering DCPs for Dolby Cinema.

We can deliver encrypted or un-encrypted DCPs and have successfully delivered to thousands of cinemas worldwide as well as to distributors including EntertainmentOne, Universal and Content Media Corp.

We pride ourselves in our pre and post sale support and ensure all material supplied for DCP mastering is technically correct prior to mastering rather than only being checked after the DCP has been created.

For DCP validation it is mandatory to inspect both the visual and acoustic elements of the mastered package as well as an automated technical validation.

At Roundtable Films we offer everything from pre-package creation QC’s (both automated and manual) through to post-creation QC and reporting. Even offering peak-signal-to-noise (PSNR) reports as a way of measuring the difference between the original files and the mastered content.

Roundtable films offers DCP reversioning including multiple subtitle, audio and picture packages and can manage the playlist creation and merging allowing for super fast and flexible reversioning and delivery.

Roundtable Films offers DKDM and KDM delivery and self-service if you wish to manage your own distribution. We are also happy to work with other preferred suppliers as we are aware that each production has it’s own needs.

We offer 24/7/365 KDM support and re-issuing with a direct dial number and have delivered KDMs internationally for distribution and release.