Sudan: The Last Of The Rhinos tells the remarkable story of Sudan, a 43 year-old Northern White Rhino and the very last male of his kind on the planet.

The film follows the team’s desperate 11th hour efforts to use cutting-edge animal fertility treatment to breed a new generation of Northern White Rhinos.

Rowan Deacon’s film tells this astonishing modern day fable through the international cast of characters who’ve been involved in Sudan’s life. Combining testimony-led back story with rare and unseen archive of these near-extinct animals, This BBC Natural History Film is a timely exploration of whether humans have the power to bring back to life that which we have destroyed.

Colourist Jack Jones developed a warm naturalistic feel based on Rowan’s vision. “The footage was so easy to work with and it was beautifully shot, which enabled us to concentrate on the narrative, ensuring Sudan was shown in his best light”, said Jack.

Online editor Andrés del Caño had a blast working with Rowan Deacon. “It is highly important to work next to a director that knows what they are after; Rowan came fully prepared for the Online Session but allowed me to still make use of my creative flare, and was open to discussion, making the work highly enjoyable. We look forward to having her back at Roundtable!”

Airs BBC2 9pm Wednesday 28 June or catch it on BBC iPlayer