What a busy first quarter of the year. We’ve found ourselves working on some fantastic projects including;
Whitney: Can I Be Me, directed by Nick Broomfield for Content, BBC, Showtime
Sudan: The Last of the Rhinos, directed by Rowan Deacon for BBC Natural History, PBS
Gravity and Me: The Force That Shapes our Lives, directed by Andrew Smith for BBC and delivered in HDR10 for TVF
Lurpack and Co-Op, online content for Leo Burnett
NFL with Stacey Dooley, directed by Roeland Doust for BBC
To End a War, directed by Marc Silver for Univision
Inside Windsor Castle, a 4 part series by Red Planet for Channel 5 and TVF
Hever Castle and Above London, delivered in HDR10 for Televisual Creative

We’ve also added a SAM Alchemist XF system to our machine room for the highest quality framerate and standards conversion.