Interra Systems, a leading global provider of software-based QC, monitoring, and analysis solutions to the digital media industry, today announced that Roundtable Films, an independent post-production company in London, is using its Baton™ automated, file-based QC solution for film, documentary, short form and TV series projects.

Facing an increased workload, Roundtable Films recently moved into a spacious Gothic Victorian building to accommodate more suites. During the migration, the company installed two full-time grade and online suites along with sound and offline suites. The company’s increase in finishing work combined with the industry’s ever-evolving requirements for file-based QC made it critical that Roundtable choose a solution that offers confidence to deliver right the first time. Interra Systems’ Baton was absolutely the right fit for them, providing high reliability and scalability.

“Automation has become a vital part of the production and post-production environment. During our recent expansion to finishing services, we looked for a product that offered a wide range of capabilities beyond being DPP compliant, such as resolution independence and the ability to cover various deliverables like 4K Digital Cinema and UHDTV,” said Ben Coulson, Managing Director at Roundtable Films.

“After spending time investigating the various products available on the market, Baton was the obvious choice, as it covered all of our requirements and more. We particularly love the scalable nature of Baton as well as the ability to offer cloud-based automated QC to all of our clients so they can QC material from anywhere in the world,” added Jack Jones, Head of Color Grading at Roundtable Films.

Baton ensures the integrity of Roundtable Films’ content across the entire post-production process, from ingest to editing, color grading, and archiving. Using the automated, file-based QC system, Roundtable Films can guarantee the quality of any high-resolution content, including Digital Cinema, 4K, DPX, and UHD files.

Baton offers seamless integration with media servers, transcoders, MAM archiving, and workflow solutions through its easy to use Web-services based APIs. Allowing Roundtable Films to continue using existing third-party hardware led to a quick and trouble-free installation. Featuring a scalable architecture, Baton will enable Roundtable Films to expand easily in the future, as its QC needs grow. Baton’s high availability ensures that the system continues operating even if one of the hardware components is down.

“Roundtable Films works with multiple formats and top-quality, high-resolution images. As they expand their business, Baton gives them the confidence that everything is correct. In a file-based world, it often saves time and expense to perform QC checks at every stage of the workflow,” said Penny Westlake, Director, Europe at Interra Systems. “As high-res formats such as 4K are used more and more in post-production workflows, it will become even more essential for companies to deploy a trusted solution for their file-based QC needs.”

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